School playgrounds are for action

This year the trade fair presentation of the BSFH — Federal Association of Playground Equipment and Leisure Facility Manufacturers — at FSB 2017 in Cologne will promote the idea that “School playgrounds are for action”. This socially relevant theme will be addressed at FSB 2017 by a BSFH stand set up as a “schoolyard” and a programme of presentations and workshops on the two days of the trade fair. The programme will be organized jointly by the BSFH and the specialist magazine PLAYGROUND@LANDSCAPE as a media partner.


This theme is relevant for a number of reasons. In the first place, school hours and school types have changed significantly in the last decade; today children spend much more of their time in school. In the second place, in Cologne and many other large German cities there will be an increased need in the years ahead for new schools and for the renovation of existing institutions.

For example, the city of Cologne expects an influx of about 250,000 people in the next ten years. This means that an education and movement infrastructure must be planned early on and the corresponding projects must be launched promptly in order to provide an adequate system of education, integration, movement, play and sports. Ensuring that schoolchildren will make meaningful and active use of their recess and leisure periods at school is an important aspect that should viewed in this context.