Cologne: 26.–29.10.2021


The STADT und RAUM area at FSB

With special shows, the plannerFORUM and the BDLA Day

In 2019, around 620 national and international exhibitors will again be presenting their latest innovations and product and project developments. With the planerFORUM, attractive special shows, informative tours and the "Marketplace", the STADT und RAUM area in Hall 7 will once again offer trade visitors a central information and communication point for issues relating to playgrounds and public spaces.

STADT und RAUM planerForum

Focus in 2019

  • concepts for mobility and exercise in public spaces
  • social megatrends such as demographic change
  • greater levels of health awareness
  • increased usage of public spaces for sport and exercise

The STADT und RAUM area in Hall 7 expressly brings together experts from the fields of landscape architecture, urban and open space planning within the framework of the plannerFORUM – firstly, by presenting individual agencies in one central marketplace area and secondly, through lectures in the plannerFORUM itself. The range of topics featured here extends from intergenerational concepts, the presentation of spaces for communication and exercise to innovative municipal sports facilities where equipment and training materials can be booked via an app, for example. Further themes of the planerForum include "The accessible district", "Exercise-oriented green spaces" or "Open School - opening the schoolyards".

Groups can book seats for specific lectures for free with STADT und RAUM and then receive in-depth specialist information during tours of the special event(s). Here, individual objects are presented on a product-by-product basis – and generally supplemented by explanatory panels of information and photographs – so that trade visitors can examine them and try them out.


As part of the plannerFORUM, organised by STADT und RAUM Messe und Medien GmbH, the Federation of German Landscape Architects (BDLA, North Rhine-Westphalia branch) will also be running its customary BDLA Day again in 2019. In short lectures, various member offices will give an insight into the comprehensive spectrum of activities of landscape architects. In a programme that promises to cover a wide range of subjects, trade visitors can look forward to topics including “Open-air facilities and exercise provision in municipal centres and in the residential environment”, “Towns and villages offering quality of life for all”, “Facilities for skateboarders” and much more. The presentations at the stands of the planners in the scope of the forum offer in-depth information. There will also be an opportunity to find out more about the BDLA and the many advantages of membership.

Presentation of the 2019 German SPIELRAUM prize

Another highlight of the event will be the presentation of the 2019 German SPIELRAUM prize for sports grounds and play areas. Innovative projects relating to the theme of “Space for exercise” that have already been realised will be evaluated and winners selected by a panel of experts. The awards ceremony will be held on Friday, 8 November 2019. As in previous years, members of the expert panel will again give a short congratulatory speech to introduce each individual prizewinner and recognise their achievements. Afterwards, the

(usually) ten award-winning projects will be presented to the specialist audience on informative roll-up displays in the form of a special exhibition. In the months that follow, all of the projects will then be publicised extensively in the trade journal STADT und RAUM. Information about participation in the contest , whose winners will be awarded prizes valued at around Euro 21,000, is available to download here (www.fachmesse-stadt-und- The contest is organised in collaboration with GALK (the Standing Conference of Municipal Parks and Gardens Directors at the Association of German Cities) and DOSB (the German Olympic Sports Confederation). The EDAD – Design for All in Germany competency network will support the work of the jury in evaluating wheelchair-friendly solutions that are designed to appeal to everyone.

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