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EWA - European Waterpark Association meets FSB 2017

European Waterpark Association special exhibition 'material – immaterial'

Innovative materials for swimming pool construction will be the subject of a special exhibition at the co-located trade fairs FSB/aquanale by the European Waterpark Association (EWA) in collaboration with Koelnmesse GmbH. The exhibition will be on show in Cologne from 7 to 10 November 2017. Its title alone, “material – immaterial”, indicates that the exhibition spans a broad spectrum, from innovative materials that can be touched and felt to the use of virtual reality in swimming pools.

One of the featured swimming pools is Sweden’s first “action swimming pool”, the Kokpunkten (Swedish for “boiling point”) in Västerås. Lighting and sound effects and video projections are used to change the pool’s themes and create different atmospheres.

While some operators are investing in virtual reality – the first “5D cinema” in a water park attracts visitors to the Austrian resort EuroThermenResort Bad Schallerbach – nature and natural materials are playing an increasingly important role in the spa and wellness segment of swimming pools. In addition to “living walls” made of real plants, these can include built-in components made from Swiss pine and hundred-year-old kelo trunks, or sweat rooms in the traditional clay-straw construction, reflecting the trend for environmentally friendly and natural construction materials in the swimming pool industry as well.

The special exhibition will present innovative materials and surfaces in samples that visitors can touch alongside images and videos illustrating their applications in European leisure pools and spas.

The exhibition is designed to inspire pool operators, architects and pool outfitters to not only improve the ecological footprint of pools through the effective use of innovative materials; above all, it aims to enhance the quality of experience.