Cologne: 05.–08.11.2019


Getting things moving in the city!

Public space skating rink

The urban world is on the move. People’s approaches to their leisure time are changing, demographic change continues unabated and calls for greater accessibility are growing louder. As a supplier of playground equipment, outdoor fitness equipment, playground design, urban furniture, urban planning, and lighting architecture for outdoor spaces, you are working to meet these challenges, and to help with this, we bring you together with the appropriate decision makers within municipalities, politics and planning.

STADTundRAUM - urban spaces at FSB

People and spaces on the path to tomorrow: the cooperation between FSB and STADTundRAUM will be presenting workshops, themes for the congress, the PlanerForum and a special show focused on current topics such as mobility, urban planning, local interventions and the development of urban neigbourhoods, as well as issues such as multigenerational communities, accessibility and areas for exercise and recreation. This is where the ideas for the urban recreational areas of the future are created.