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La Fontaine multisports complex in Antony, France

20 Apr 2021

Golden nugget - La Fontaine multisports complex in Antony, France

A focal point for meeting and practising sports, the multisports complex designed by archi5 with Tecnova architecture houses two separate parts, one for the middle school and the other for clubs and municipal organisations. The challenge was to create an integrative project and unite the two facilities that operate independently, even though they share some spaces such as a climbing wall, martial arts dojo, boxing hall, multipurpose hall, and offices.

There was a strong political will locally for a new urban ambition for this neighbourhood. The context is mixed with linear apartment blocks on one side and the park’s exceptional planted heritage on the other. The project includes a clearly defined theme (nature) for individuals and the community as a whole. It is as much an expression of form as function, visible in all aspects of the building and on all scales.

The building takes the area’s vocabulary into account and complements the urban environment by injecting new impetus into the setting. It has become an attractive landmark for residents on a scale with the neighbourhood.

The project uses mystery to sharpen curiosity and interest. This is manifested by the choice of this mineral shape as a large, multi-facetted monolith, i.e. a mysterious, precious stone planted in the landscape that contrasts yet harmonises with the setting. The fascinating structure of this “gold nugget” is framed by greenery. The roof serves as the fifth façade.

Powerful ties with nature

Golden nugget - La Fontaine multisports complex in Antony, France

In this new landscape a central incision opens onto the Bièvre valley and clearly separates the two sides of the sport centre and ensures natural light in the gymnasiums and concourses. This incision is like a canyon, exploiting the building’s scale. It is an invitation to unravel the mystery of the precious rock and heightens the subtle permeability between the interior with the exterior. It is the key to a closer reading of the building that reveals its transparency as one approaches it.

The analogy with nature is not just a formal one. It is deeply grounded in the building’s structure by the choice of noble, integral materials which will only improve with time. The skin is composed of a copper, aluminium and tin alloy. It will not rust, will retain its bronze colour and will take on a more matted sheen with age.

The complex shapes a landscape out of which the urban feature of the climbing hall emerges. The building is one with the green environment and stands out from the neighbouring buildings. Here, nature is not expressed by plants, i.e. there is no plant cover that is not in accordance with the building’s scale or inappropriate to the context of the venue. Its unusualness gives it its identity, its landmark status.

Gut zu wissen

  • Location: Antony, Frace
  • Client/operator: City of Antony
  • Architects:
    FR – 93100 Montreuil

    Tecnova Architecture
    FR – 75005 Paris
  • Author: archi5 & Tecnova Architecture
  • Photos: Sergio Grazia
  • Official opening: 2018
  • Construction costs: EUR 14.3 million

Taking the outside in

Golden nugget - La Fontaine multisports complex in Antony, France

The sports centre is structured by a play of transparencies and visual vents, which blur the borders between outside and inside, so that the surrounding greenery is ever present. The openings are framed and highlight striking features on the inside and outside. The orientations have been chosen for the sporting activity.

The walls are covered with wooden slats, and the taut canvas ceilings respect the dimensions of the facets. The natural lighting, spacious volumes, and atmospheres generated by the unvarnished material are conducive to the peacefulness necessary for practising sport. A balcony-like partial mezzanine has been created for the public and offers views of the sports halls.

Source: IAKS