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Polytan artificial turf from renewable raw material

9 Sept 2019

Synthetic turf for hockey sustainably produced by Polytan

Poligras Tokyo GT is the name of the new synthetic turf system for hockey that has been developed by Polytan as official Global Supplier to the FIH (International Hockey Federation) for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Not only is the dark-blue playing field faster than ever before, but the turf fibres also consist predominantly of a bio-based synthetic from Braskem. The hockey players at Crefelder HTC are delighted with the world's first Poligras Tokyo GT, which was installed at the Gerd Wellen hockey facility in Krefeld in September 2018.

For the final round of the "Final Four 2019" in May 2019, the club, the city and the state have jointly invested around 500,000 Euro in a new hockey pitch. The choice for the new pitch fell on a Polygras Tokyo GT, developed by Polytan for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Japan. Club manager Robert Haake on the new synthetic turf: "Poligras Tokyo GT is currently the best hockey turf in the world and we are delighted to be the first ever venue where it has been installed." What's more, he anticipates that the blue base will exert a strong pull on other teams.

Synthetic turf achieves improved environmental balance

Synthetic turf achieves improved environmental balance

The Poligras Tokyo GT turf achieves a better environmental balance by using the bio-based plastic I’m greenTM by Braskem, the world market leader in this field. Renewable raw materials make up 60 per cent of the polyethylene (PE) base material for the filaments. It is possible to increase this proportion to 100 per cent PE base material, but at a higher cost. As was shown during testing, not only does the new material improve the eco-balance of the synthetic turf, it also optimises the playing qualities of the surface: the ball roll distance increases by up to 25 per cent compared with the predecessor product. This promises to make games of hockey even faster and more dynamic, with even more precise moves.

The PolyBase GT elastic layer is the most recent arrival in the Green Technology product family of Polytan. The product PolyBase GT owes its sustainability to a newly developed binder for the permanently elastic bonding of granules whose manufacture produces lower CO2 emissions.

Hockey synthetic turf captivates with its blue pitch colour

Hockey synthetic turf captivates with its blue pitch colour

Quite apart from the ecological aspects and improved playing qualities, the blue colour of the new Poligras Tokyo GT synthetic hockey pitch in Krefeld is also a winner. The blue playing surface has been all but standard practice at top-flight hockey competitions since the 2012 Olympic Games in London. It sharpens the contrast with the yellow hockey ball and makes it easier to follow the progress of play. This benefits players, spectators and, above all, television viewers. Crefelder HTC has even designed a playing field that exceeds the required dimensions of 100 x 60 yards (91.4 x 55 m) for the purposes of television coverage, which means LED perimeter systems can also be set up for television broadcasts.

About Polytan GmbH

To make the optimal surface for sporting success – that has been the ideal pursued by Polytan since 1969. With a constant eye on the latest findings in the field of sports medicine, the specialist in outdoor sports surfaces is continuously refining its synthetic surfaces and synthetic turf systems. Today's synthetic turf pitches not only feel like real grass, for example, but they also have excellent playing qualities. High-quality synthetic surfaces now range from shock-absorbing soft-impact surfaces and multi-functional all-weather pitches all the way to high-speed surfaces for international athletics events. As well as developing, manufacturing and fitting its own sports surfaces, the spectrum of services provided by Polytan also includes line markings, repairs, cleaning and maintenance. All products meet current national and international standards and are duly certified by international sports federations such as FIFA, FIH, World Rugby and IAAF.

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About Braskem

With a human-oriented global vision of the future, Braskem strives every day to improve people’s lives by creating sustainable solutions with chemicals and plastics. Braskem is the largest producer of thermoplastic resins in the Americas and the leading producer of biopolymers in the world, creating more environmental-friendly, intelligent and sustainable solutions through chemicals and plastics. Braskem exports to clients in approximately 100 countries and operates 41 industrial units, which are located in Brazil, United States, Germany and Mexico, the latter in partnership with the Mexican company Idesa. For more information, visit www.braskem.com.

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