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Richter Spielgeräte GmbH - playing in shopping centres worldwide

27 Sept 2019

Richter Spielgeräte GmbH- play in shopping centres worldwide

Large shopping centres are increasingly being equipped with exciting indoor and outdoor playgrounds. This makes perfect sense, as children are usually bored during extended shopping trips by their parents. In addition, the operators of the shopping centres try to increase the length of stay of their customers due to competition from the net. On the playgrounds, children of all ages can also climb, shimmy or slide while shopping, and it is a perfect alternative to offer children a place to let off steam in spite of bad weather.

Richter Spielgeräte GmbH

Mall of Arabia - Photo CONCETTO STUDIOS

Richter Spielgeräte GmbH, a handicraft company from Frasdorf, Upper Bavaria, which has been building high-quality playground equipment from larch wood for over 50 years and is now represented in over 40 countries worldwide, not only equips conventional playgrounds, but also designs playgrounds in and in front of shopping centres. This can be seen, for example, in the Egyptian capital Cairo, where the "Mall of Arabia" has an attractive children's playground with climbing equipment, play towers and slides. In Italy, three large Richter Shopping Mall playgrounds have been opened in the last three years, including "Il Castello Centro Commerciale" in Ferrara, the Arese shopping centre in Milan and the "Japigia Shopping Mall" in Bari. In Osaka, Japan, a very special playground, the "BørneLund Playville", was opened in 2019.

IKEA stores rely on the play value of Richter play equipment


More and more IKEA stores are also relying on the renowned play value of Richter equipment. The play construction specially designed for the spacious entrance area of the IKEA branch in Bayonne, France, is something very special. The installation with the theme "In the Trees" consists of a total of eleven colourfully painted boxes mounted on different levels and equipped with different window openings, net roofs and platform floors. The accesses are connected by climbing nets, tunnels and ladder elements. Special highlights are the Skywalk, which consists of a net tunnel, and the 18-metre-long tunnel slide, with which you can descend from a lofty height. The "Mega Khimki" shopping mall is located on a spacious site in Moscow's city centre. In addition to various restaurants and shops, there is also a cinema and an indoor playground in the immediate vicinity of the IKEA stores. The wooden construction, which was designed by the Moscow architecture firm AFA and implemented together with Richter Spielgeräte, consists of two stylized "trees" with several branches on which several little houses sit. On this spruce wood structure you can climb, hide, experience a feeling of height, but still feel safe thanks to the closed rope and net constructions. The visibility of the children through the climbing nets is particularly important for the parents in the crowds of this huge shopping centre. And for those children who don't yet dare to go to or onto the tree houses, various small houses offer creative possibilities for deeper role-playing.

About Richter Spielgeräte GmbH

Hilde Richter Spielgeräte considers the provision of play spaces to be a social necessity. Above all it is children who need play for the development of their personalities; however also young people and adults find relaxation and pleasure in play.

The range of product lines offers you equipment for every age group. Following the principle “as much play value as possible – as much safety as necessary” the company create play offers with an appropriate risk – a level at which children and young people can play in a self-determined way.

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Source: Richter Spielgeräte GmbH / IAKS sb 4/2019