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WM Autopilot: Practical assistance system for ice preparation

Assistance systems are very much in vogue. So why not also equip an ice preparation machine with the practical assistance function? The innovation forge WM ice technics presents the WM Autopilot, with which the complete ice preparation can be carried out autonomously.

An ice preparation machine that makes its rounds without an ice master at the seat. How can this work? The WM Autopilot makes it possible: thanks to a positioning system, the ice resurfacing machine travels the ice field along a previously defined route and performs ice resurfacing without a driver.

High-precision driving cycles

There is no loss of efficiency, quite the opposite: thanks to the WM Autopilot, the machine has highly precise travel cycles and can also handle unusual travel patterns such as complex transverse travel. This allows for less overlap and optimal processing of waves on the ice surface. The WM Autopilot also guarantees precise planning: ice preparation takes place in a precisely calculable period of time, and the ice surface becomes playable sooner. Above all, the ice master can use the time he would otherwise need for standard ice preparation for other work.

Safe control via own app

WM Autopilot

The WM Autopilot is controlled via its own cell phone app, which displays all important parameters such as blade planing depth or water application. This information can be adjusted at any time even during ice processing. The ice master can also choose between eight cleaning patterns, from fast ice cleaning to classic ice preparation. The machine starts ice processing autonomously, and the time required for this can be read on the display. The innovative autopilot function is available for the WM Mammoth, WM evo2 and WM Shira ice resurfacers. These WM models can be retrofitted with the autopilot function at any time.

WM ice technics: The innovation forge for ice preparation machines

Mammoth ice preparation machine from W. M. GmbH

The company WM ice technics from South Tyrol/Italy has been developing and producing high-quality ice resurfacers for any ice surface and requirements for over thirty years. The innovative machines convince with sophisticated technology, high user-friendliness, certified safety and modern design. The construction, manufacturing of the individual parts and assembly of the ice resurfacing machines are carried out in our own production plant. Thus WM ice technics guarantees detailed quality controls from the very beginning and makes individual configurations according to customer requirements possible. The WM ice resurfacers comply with the CE standard and are additionally certified by the SUVA type examination. The young, motivated team of WM ice technics is constantly working on innovations that increase the user-friendliness of the machines.

Minimal maintenance, low operating costs and a reliable service make WM ice technics and its international sales network a reliable partner beyond the purchase.

Author: Mirko Sparber I wm technics